Saturday, June 18, 2011

You have to see my jugs...

I spent today on the truck - normally this time of year I go Saturday, not Friday, but because of "Father's Day" went out today instead so's I'd have Saturday AND Sunday off.

In the meantime, Janet went to TO to pick up a cheque that has been due for April - she went with her friend Isobel. Now, family members know that when Janet and Isobel get together, sometimes strange things happen. Imagine my surprise when during a lively family discussion this evening - Linda, Elena, Tiana & Critter in attendance (Jay having disappeared), all of a sudden Janet pipes up -"Hey, I have to show you (all) my jugs..."

Now the inuendo was palatable, especially since having arrived home from Toronto late, and having been taken to the Hospital by yours truly to have her drug IV treatment, and an attempted "puss letting" - with its attendent pain-killer and knife cutting - and the return home with its subsequent Advil and two FULL glasses of Yellowtail while in her nightie - we were all frightfully aware of what the potential outcome would be.

Imagine the sighs of relief when she instructed Critter to get the GLASS jugs she had bought at IKEA with said Isobel, and was not referring to the "other" jugs. Nevertheless, the whole room erupted in relieved laughter, and an immediate phone call was placed to Isobel inquiring as to what went on that trip to Toronto that resulted in Janet making such a statement. All Isobel would say was that Janet got the "biggest jugs". So much for clarity...

Hope your Friday was equally packed with hilarity and good tidings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

's bin a slow year

How the heck did a whole year go by??? Since my last blog, pool was used and enjoyed, emptied, put away (thank you to D & P) and we survived a miserable cold & snowy winter, and a miserable cold & wet spring. Here it is the middle of June, with some reasonable days ahead and no pool yet. Waiting for "the boys" to come up and help dig trenches for cement pads to hold up the pool support legs so's the pool will be level. Problem is, with the postal strike, none of my customer's cheques have arrived, so there's no money anyway to buy cement. Plus the caddy needs hubs, rotors & calipers (I guesstimate $1000-1500 in PARTS ALONE) and the van needs a steering box (anywhere from 350 - 1350).

Plus, just for fun the belt on the mower shredded (59.60 plus tax). I just can't wait (kidding) for the next thing to break...